The Corner Tavern – The "Back In Black" of Badass Reubens

Here it it. AC/DC’s  “Back in Black” reincarnated in the form of a Reuben Sandwich. It’s mean, it’s simple and it’s first perfect score for the site.  This may just be the best Reuben I can remember.

This one-of-a-kind sandwich is loaded with “Black Pastrami”  not corned beef, a pretty serious twist that could spell disaster for other contenders. Not this one.

Russian Dressing instead of Thousand Island? Holy shit, these guys are playing with fire. Worry not, these ninjas of the subteranian, beer-pub Reuben have it on lock-down. This thing is toasted to perfection, with enough of the “stuff” (meat, sauce, cheese, kraut) that I’m… well, stuffed. It’s at the exact perfect temperature where it’s still steaming and crunchy, but not scalding the roof of my mouth.

This Reuben will not only “Shake you all night long” but might also “Give the dog a bone”

The Corner Tavern Boston Reuben Sandwich - Perfection

The cold pesto pasta on the side is damn good too. The verdict: clean plate.

Price: $9 with your choice of sides

Reuben Rank: “Perfection!” – flawless execution plus some unique twists


The Corner Tavern

421 Marlborough St.
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 262-5555

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August 27, 2013 Perfection