Putters Reuben – “The Ramones” of Corned Beef and Sauerkraut – Don’t judge this book by its cover

On first inspection, you would assume the Ramones were another shitty band in matching leather jackets. They look like the Munsters, and their 2 minute songs all have 3 chords – max. Defying all logic, the Ramones are freakin’ awesome, they are much greater than the sum of their parts.

This Reuben has a little bit of that going on.

Putters Reuben – “The Ramones” of Corned beef and Sauerkraut – Don’t judge this book by its cover

Upon delivery, the Putters Reuben is extremely underwhelming. It’s got 2 strikes against it immediately. First, the meat and sauerkraut isn’t falling out the sides – it’s barely got enough in there to achieve full bread coverage.  Second, the thousand island dressing is “one the side,” in a little cup.  Big mistakes.

While other Reubens use “shock and awe” in their attempt to achieve greatness, this ‘lil Reuben is a compact and precise attack.

The ‘kraut and beef are done very well and are in a perfect portion to the nicely toasted rye, enabling me to achieve something which I have never done before. I dipped my Reuben in the thousand island dressing. Oh yes, Putters just turned my Reuben experience on its ear, and it was good.

Do I love 2 minutes and 30 seconds of pop-punk when it’s delivered by the Ramones? Yes.

I feel the same way about “Putter’s” Reuben.


Price: $8 with  saratoga chips

Reuben Rank: “Freakin Awesome” – Not quite perfection – but no complaints here.


Putters Sports Grill
5723 Signal Hill Ct  Milford, OH 45150
(513) 831-5777



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August 13, 2013 Freakin' Awesome