Everyone is familiar with the 70’s arena rock band, BAD COMPANY. They were the band that everyone knew was going to be awesome, even before they played a note (or at least they should be awesome). Heck these guys were managed by Led freakin’ Zeppelin. They were the original band signed to Zeppelin’s “Swan Song” label. So, when you finally heard “Can’t get enough” it was no surprise these dudes could jam. By the time you heard “Feel Like Makin Love” you were almost bored with their awesomeness.

This is kinda like IZZY’s Reubens. As soon as I mentioned to anyone that I had a Reuben blog – they were all like “you gotta go straight to IZZY’s, they’re the shiz-nit.” I couldn’t believe they said “shiz-nit” either, but they did.

The first thing I see from the parking lot is the sign, screaming: “IZZY’s World’s Best Reubens.” Needless to say, that’s some serious hype to live up to.

I went for the “World Famous” –  its pretty straightforward, the only thing to note: you gotta ask for “toasted” or “grilled” bread, otherwise it’s just plain rye. I went for grilled and it was great.   The potato pancake was pretty good too. It’s pretty much one giant deep-fried french fry.  I’m not going to give the title of “World’s Best”, but its “Freakin’ Awesome” for sure.

This “Rock Steady” Reuben is Freakin’ Awesome. Calling it “the World’s Greatest” is not nearly as silly as Bad Company writing and singing a song called “Bad Company” about Bad Company, featured on the album “Bad Company.”

Bad Company: Izzy's World's Greatest Reuben?

A solid effort – nothing outrageous, pretentious or over-the-top. Just a good all-around Reuben

Price: $8.79 with potato pancake

Reuben Rank: “Freakin Awesome!” – I honestly “Can’t Get Enough”


Izzy’s World’s Greatest Reubens

4766 Red Bank Expy
Madisonville, OH 45227
(513) 376-6008


November 14, 2013 Freakin' Awesome

On first inspection, you would assume the Ramones were another shitty band in matching leather jackets. They look like the Munsters, and their 2 minute songs all have 3 chords – max. Defying all logic, the Ramones are freakin’ awesome, they are much greater than the sum of their parts.

This Reuben has a little bit of that going on.

Putters Reuben – “The Ramones” of Corned beef and Sauerkraut – Don’t judge this book by its cover

Upon delivery, the Putters Reuben is extremely underwhelming. It’s got 2 strikes against it immediately. First, the meat and sauerkraut isn’t falling out the sides – it’s barely got enough in there to achieve full bread coverage.  Second, the thousand island dressing is “one the side,” in a little cup.  Big mistakes.

While other Reubens use “shock and awe” in their attempt to achieve greatness, this ‘lil Reuben is a compact and precise attack.

The ‘kraut and beef are done very well and are in a perfect portion to the nicely toasted rye, enabling me to achieve something which I have never done before. I dipped my Reuben in the thousand island dressing. Oh yes, Putters just turned my Reuben experience on its ear, and it was good.

Do I love 2 minutes and 30 seconds of pop-punk when it’s delivered by the Ramones? Yes.

I feel the same way about “Putter’s” Reuben.


Price: $8 with  saratoga chips

Reuben Rank: “Freakin Awesome” – Not quite perfection – but no complaints here.


Putters Sports Grill
5723 Signal Hill Ct  Milford, OH 45150
(513) 831-5777



August 13, 2013 Freakin' Awesome