I like Reuben sandwiches. A lot. My wife is always asking me which is my favorite, to which I reply, “I dunno?” I have had hundreds, most are quickly forgotten, they come and go like billboards on the roadside. Good or bad, I have no written record of my Reuben conquests. This is the genesis of my problem. I finally found a Reuben I never want to forget because it was frickin’ terrible. It’s so bad I decided to setup a website dedicated to never revisiting this poor sandwich. I’m sorry Goldberg’s Bagels and Deli in the Atlanta airport, but you make a horrible Reuben.

This sandwich is the “Washington Generals” version of a Reuben Sandwich…it never had a prayer. (FYI the Washington Generals are the team that always play, and lose to the Harlem Globetrotters)

The genesis of a weird idea - Holden Caufield.com The Reuben Resource - Goldberg's Bagels at the ATL Airport

This “Reuben” looks more-or-less, “ok” on the surface. It has some nice faux-grill marks and was pretty hot right out of the box, it even smelled good enough to eat! So I did. The problem came on the first bite,  there was absolutely no sauerkraut or thousand island to be found and the corned beef had been left under the lamps so long it should be called jerky.  The soggy bread would have been ok if it wasn’t steamed so much that it could be rung out. The pickle was by far the best part.

Price: $20 with a cookie and a drink

Reuben Rank: “Shameless” – This sandwich didn’t even fit the definition of a Reuben (major ingredients unaccounted for)

Side note – If this website seems pretty half-assed, well it is. From here on out, it will be created entirely from my phone  while I’m eating. Sorry no production value here. Just the facts ma’am.

June 7, 2013 Shameless