If this Reuben was a movie it would be “Oh brother where art thou,” it could be a contender, but it’s got a “Soggy Bottom,” boys.

This is a pretty great reuben minus just a few slight flaws. Very good marble rye toasted perfectly, but It sat for a minute so the bottom bread was a pretty soggy. For some reason they put the thousand island on the side, so I had to half dismantle the sandwich to put it on myself. C’mon guys. Not sure what thats all about, just take the extra 3 seconds and slather that orange goodness on there for me. The meat was very juicy, which when combined with the soggy bread, meant I needed a quick shower afterwards (not a negative).

Hot, pretty fast and cheap for $9. The fries were damn good too.

The Reuben - Cadillac Jack's - Miamisburg Ohio

Price: $9 with fries

Reuben Rank: “Damn good” – Not quite awesome or perfection but worth a revisitfor sure.

Cadillac Jack’s Sports Bar & Grill
9400 N Springboro Pike, Miamisburg
(937) 610-3200


June 30, 2013 Damn Good