Bite Restaurant The Cream of the Reuben Crop

This is one helluva reuben. So good reminds me of one of the best bands of all-time. I’ll explain…

The band Cream formed with a simple ethos, to bring together the theee best musicians in england and form the best band on the planet. The ingredients were Jack Bruce – and amazing singer, piano and bass player, Ginger Baker, arguably the best drummer of his day and Eric Clapton, arguably the best guitar player ever. These best-of-the-best mergers don’t usually work, but this time it did (for a while). Fantastic ingredients came together and created an even superior band. It wasn’t about flash or image, it was about a top quality product.

The Bite reuben is a little like that. I’ll admit it ain’t a much to look at, I never really cared about presentation anyway. this reuben is about the ingredients. The corned beef is PERFECT, slow cooked and cut think like I got it directly from Sunday dinner at my Mom’s house. The sauerkraut is super-fresh and crunchy, with just enough swiss cheese toi glue it all together. The dark rye is the final piece of the puzzle. Perfectly toasted to keep everything together and enough thousand island to set it all off.


Honestly this is among the best reubens I’ve EVER had.

Price: $12 with fries

Reuben Rank: “Perfection!”


Bite Restaurant: Farm to Table

1279 OH-131
Milford, OH





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January 12, 2016 Perfection